Curbing Styles

Our landscape borders are available in either residential or commercial sizes. All residential landscape curbing sizes are 6” wide and either 4” or 5½" high, whereas our commercial landscape edging sizes range from 6x6 to 8x8. The landscape border shapes are mower style, slant style, curb style, block curb, pyramid, and wheel block. Whether you want to accentuate your landscape or create a tire stop, we can create it, and make it stronger.

The different styles of landscape edging available are natural gray, colored, impression and designer stamped.

Natural Gray Curb

Available in:

This landscape edging will be extruded using only gray portland, sand, fiber and water, without the use of color or stamp tools, giving the appearance of plain, natural gray concrete when fully cured. This can be installed in any of the available residential and commercial landscape curbing profiles. Typically this style is not sealed.

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One-Color Curb

Available in:

This landscape border style will be extruded the same as the natural gray style, but with the use of a color pigment that you have chosen from the Integral Color Chart. This can be installed in any of the available residential and commercial landscape edging profiles. Typically this style is not sealed.

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Impression Stamp

Available in:

This concrete edging option steps up a notch as it will be extruded like the colored curb with a pigment that you have chosen from the Integral Color Chart, but then is also impressed with a stamp and roller design that you will choose with the estimator. Examples can be seen on the landscape curbing patterns sample sheet. This option is only available in the residential “slant” style landscape border profile. This style will be sealed at the end of the job.

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Designer Stamp

Available in:

This option has a premium topcoat finish called a slurry coat. This stamp process produces a smoother curb finish which will appear to have a shinier finish with more detail. This finish is available in 6 base colors and all stamp patterns available for the Impression Stamp curb. This curb gets a sealer coating to protect the finish.

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Commercial Curb

Available in:

Our commercial curbing can be customized "theme" curbing as well as larger parking lot curbing or border edging used in golf applications. See some of the custom jobs done by us.

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These are some examples of our custom splashpads. The custom splashpad allows an aesthetic and functional way to divert water away from your home and landscape beds. The typical custom splashpad is 18" to 24" front to back, but custom sizes are available.

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Continuous concrete so no weeds will grow through


Available in several different sizes, styles and colors


Helps keep the mulch and rock within the flower beds


Fiber reinforced assuring strength


Maintains a constant flow around your landscape


Custom shaped to your property


Adds value to your property


Gives your home “curb appeal”


We have a 2 year warranty on workmanship and material defects.

Learn how to keep your landscape curbs in pristine condition with this Care Sheet.

Regular Curbing | Stamped Curbing


  • We are extremely pleased with the finished product. The custom score option was a wonderful solution to our cracked concrete. Your team was the most courteous, professional and knowledgable employees we have had the pleasure of working with.
    — Karen & Ross Ponder - Deltona, FL
  • Dave, just a short note to let you know that our driveway looks great. I appreciate the interest you took to ensure that problems that we encountered with the initial installation were corrected in a very professional manner. Please feel free to contact me as a point of reference for your clients.
    — John Mackin - Kissimmee, FL
  • I am writing to express my appreciation with your handling my driveway situation. I would also like to commend Brien Duplantis for his professionalism.
    — Estrella R. Pereira - Orlando, FL
  • Bill and I want to thank your crew for their magnificent teamwork. We love the way the landscape curbing came out. Thank you once again for recognizing good, talented, hard working individuals to work for you.
    — Betty Maneer - Orlando, FL
  • We love it. It is beautiful and what we had hoped for.
    — Claire Braun - Apopka, FL
  • Thank you for the great experience with your company, will definitely give great recommendations of your company,
    — Jerry & Sandy Borders - Clermont, FL

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